ChurchHouse Productions started out being one musician’s desire to have more control over the recording process, the overall sound, and the approach. Like most things it started off small; over time and several different recording projects later, it grew. As each new project materialized, more and more equipment was added, more musicians were familiar with us, and the decision was made to become a public recording studio, rather than a private studio, so-to-speak.

What ChurchHouse offers is a more laid back environment, but that certainly does NOT mean less quality. ChurchHouse is not the typical studio in that there is not a “fishbowl” look-and-feel, but there is a seriousness and professionalism mingled with the comforts of home. We have the fortune of being in a converted church which provides the equipment you need in a homey and warm setting of old wood and stained glass. As a result of the type of structure we work in, our facility has a variety of “sonic spaces” you won’t find at other studios. We provide open rooms with high ceilings, “dead sound” rooms, and isolation rooms that all feature unique acoustic qualities.

Feel free to email us or call us to schedule time, set up a tour, or ask questions at 610 791 3073.

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