YouTube Channel – Yay!

Yes, we have had a YouTube channel for awhile now, BUT (and there is always a “but”) due to some issues that I would rather not try to explain (it is a long story and not worth the time to type) we lost our previous videos.  They have all been re-uploaded and we will be posting more episodes for the In the Studio after the New Year.

In the mean time, I wanted to say that I heard a great song last night from other bloggers I follow and if you haven’t checked it out previously (their blog) please do so, lots of good music industry updates, lots of good music, and just an all round good place to check out if you are an audiohead (click here>>>Unruly Hearts<<<).  By the way – great song was posted for today (Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here).

Anyways – on with the music.  This song is awesome and I found it over at Unruly Hearts… I’m a lyrics person so the lyrics to this spoke to me (no pun intended):

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