Master or Remaster?

How many of you have looked at CDs of older material and saw that they are labeled as ‘remastered’ or ‘digitally remastered’? I know when I first started seeing this, I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. I understood the mastering process, but ‘remastered’? I’ve attached below a Wall Street Journal article that gives a short and relatively simple explanation:

When ChurchHouse Productions studio first began doing business, we used to send our completed mixes out to be mastered at other studios. This can be quite an expensive proposition. We now do all this work in house. Our mastering capabilities were greatly enhanced when our ‘Master Of Mastering’ (and all other things recording) Barett Krause joined the fold at ChurchHouse. He sent this link to me and I wanted to share it with you.

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2 thoughts on “Master or Remaster?

  1. basicly we are leaving a remastered music up to anothers ear in theory it sounds great.But I thing it might just take away what some artists want you to feel, like the concert feel or a joe walsh sound w/the James gang its totaly different from the sound from when he was w/ the eagles

    1. Indeed. That’s where we have a difference between a good remastering engineer and a bad one. The good ones go back to the original multi-track tapes and mixes. They ‘clean up’ hiss and noise and change it a bit to fit the digital format. The idea would be to leave the ‘feel’ of the song as it was. Otherwise you are, in essence remixing the song.

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