New Music And Video from Steaming Mulch – ‘Winter Incubate Mr. Under Ache’

We had our friends Steaming Mulch back in the studio to record a new single. This is always fun as I never quite know what they’re going to do before they get here. Sometimes the songs are created on the fly. Sometimes there’s live drum track clips, sound bites from movies and general anarchy. OtherContinue reading “New Music And Video from Steaming Mulch – ‘Winter Incubate Mr. Under Ache’”

From The Vault 3 – ERP Plays ‘No Class Lines’

Welcome to 2022! Another year has flown by. At this point I can’t say whether that is good or bad. Some things I wished would last forever (think vacation hiking, making music, friends and photography). The rest of the year? Meh. I was hoping the general tone of our world would improve and it sortContinue reading “From The Vault 3 – ERP Plays ‘No Class Lines’”

Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs – Live In The Studio – ‘The Wish’

We have another Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs ‘Live In The Studio’ performance for you. This time we recorded a live version of our song ‘The Wish’. This song was originally created with our previous band Conduit for the CD ‘Superior Olive’. You can find out more about the band and the CD version by visiting theContinue reading “Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs – Live In The Studio – ‘The Wish’”

New Music from Lather Scream Moment – ‘Suburban Renewal’

We just finished recording a new single in ChurchHouse studio for the band Lather Scream Moment. It’s their first recorded song of original music. They found our studio online and decided to record here after hearing some of our work. It’s great that a bunch of newer bands have continued the culture of low-fi garageContinue reading “New Music from Lather Scream Moment – ‘Suburban Renewal’”

Steaming Mulch Remastered – ‘A Symphony Of Delirious Fluff’

For this post we have another remastered song by Steaming Mulch. It’s always fun posting a Steaming Mulch song because you never know what you’re going to get. This tune rolls through a variety of different parts. It starts with live drums, guitars and bass. As you go through the song you’ll hear vocals rollingContinue reading “Steaming Mulch Remastered – ‘A Symphony Of Delirious Fluff’”