What Do These Two Things Have In Common?

Well, if you’ve seen this title before, you know the answer – usually nothing.


Some ‘Recent Listening’. Of course for me that doesn’t necessarily mean brand new music. I’ve taken to a lot of older ‘Americana/Rock’ lately. I love the looseness, the ’emotional content’, the space of the instrumentation, great vocals. So I went back 44 years. Driving an empty mountain road and listening to The Band’s second album. The feeling I get makes me remember why I loved music in the first place.


What else do we have? This dude remade the six minute long mall chase from The Blues Bothers with Lego. Seriously. And it’s pretty cool. Found this on the web and the article also has a side to side comparison to the real movie. And a video of how it was made.


See, nothing in common.



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Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer

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