Messin’ With The Music Part 22 – ‘Children Of The Sun’

We’re back with another cover song by Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs. It’s been a while since we put one together, but we’re back to work on a few new ones. This one is ‘Children Of The Sun’ by Billy Thorpe. It was originally released in 1979 from the album of the same name. The album was Thorpe’s debut album in the United States after success in his native Australia throughout the 1960s and 1970s. The original version of the song is pretty long – it clocks in at 6:44. We went back to our usual process of recording these covers. All acoustic instruments using the same microphone, pre-amp and compressor pathing in to the mixing board. We do use an electric bass, but run it directly in to the same path as the microphone to the mixing board. We do the takes of each instrument straight through to give it the most ‘live’ sound possible. For this song our game plan was to speed the song up, so it’s 17 beats per minute faster than the original. The original song has a lot of heavily fx’d guitar parts so there’s a lot of instrument sustain, which we wouldn’t get with an acoustic version, so we decided to go with a faster version. The song has two guitars playing the main parts for a foundation. We added twelve string guitar, mandolin, bass, banjo and some tambourine with multiple tracks of vocals. To get the spacey feel of the original a lot of reverb and delay was added to the tracks during mix down. Hope everyone enjoys it. We’re already discussing what our next cover tune will be.

Published by churchhousepro

Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer

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