Let’s Take A Ride

We don’t really consider this blog a “music review” site. We do discuss music we like but we also put up all sorts of topics: recording tech, ‘in the studio’, video tech, web sites we find interesting and articles of interest on any other topic that peaks our curiosity. Every once in a while, however, we do come across a band that we feel deserves some extra recognition (think Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band). The band we’re touting in this entry is Creepoid. For me they also fall in to my “how-did-I-miss-this” category, especially since they are a Philadelphia band and somewhat “local” for us in the Lehigh Valley.
    I’ve been listening to their CD Horse Heaven which was released in 2011. A lot of times you hear a band’s CD and it’s a couple of great singles and the rest is filler. This CD is all killer, no filler. It has all the elements I like: lots of open space; accoustic guitar paired with  buzz saw distortion guitar; great vocals and slabs of wonderful reverb. I usually listen to CDs in my car. The perfect setting for this CD was driving back roads in the bare winter woods as the sun was disappearing. The songs overflowed with atmosphere. Since we are a studio based blog, I have to give kudos to the folks who did the engineering and mixing. The goal of all studios should be to get the sound right for the specific project they’re working on – they nailed it here.
    You can find Horse Heaven here: http://creepoid.bandcamp.com/          They’ll be releasing their second CD, the self titled Creepoid 3/4/14 – looking forward to hearing it. There’s a CD release party in Philly 2/27/14. Try to claw your way there.
Oh, and you must see this video:

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2 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Ride

  1. Hey thanks for the kind words on the Horse Heaven production. That record is one of my favorites that I’ve been a part of and I wish it had recieved a bit more attention than it did. That said, I loved working with Creepoid and wouldn’t change a thing about then or that record. Glad you feel the same.

    1. It’s just great to hear a CD that works as a cohesive, flowing ‘album’. I’ve always enjoyed listening to an album that takes you on a trip from beginning to end. I think it’s a dying art. When I get to work on a studio project that turns out that way it’s always an unforgettable experience. I keep telling people that there’s great music out there, you just need to do a little work to find it. Again, congrats on a great sounding project.
      – Stich –

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