From The Vault 6 – ERP Plays ‘Life Goes On’

We’re back with another recording From The Vault. In our From The Vault series we’re posting songs we’ve found hiding in various hard drives in the studio. We also have older recordings on tape and we might blow the dust off those some day, but that’s a whole different level of searching through the caverns of the studio. Most bands that are doing original music probably have a lot of song ideas that are fragments: basic chord structures, melodies, lyrics, rhythm tracks. Sometimes these ideas get finished, sometimes they just fizzle out. When we would get a relatively complete song idea we would try to make a simple live recording that we could go back to. We’d record together in one room with a minimum amount of mics on the drums, the bass direct in to the board and the guitar amp in another room. The idea wasn’t to get a perfect copy of the song. We just wanted to capture as complete an idea of the song as we could. Some songs never moved forward beyond that for a variety of reasons. We decided if we come across one that is relatively complete, we’ll put them out on line. This song is titled ‘Life Goes On’. Since it’s spring I thought we’d put up some pictures of flowers from the studio gardens for the video.

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