Messin’ With The Music Part 23 – ‘A Forest’

We’re back with another acoustic cover for you in the ‘Messin With The Music’ series. This time we worked on ‘A Forest’ by The Cure. ‘A Forest’ is from the band’s second album ‘Seventeen Seconds’ which was released in 1980. The Cure has created a lot of different types of music since they were formedContinue reading “Messin’ With The Music Part 23 – ‘A Forest’”

In The Studio 16 – Multitasking

It’s been a while since we put up an ‘In The Studio’ video. One of the reasons we don’t have a lot of studio ‘tech’ videos is that I’m not really sure what people would like to hear about. There’s lots of sites that talk tech. I’d like to share practical information on how recordingContinue reading “In The Studio 16 – Multitasking”

New Music And Video From Steaming Mulch: ‘Some Gorgeous Who Way Produce’

We have some new music from Steaming Mulch. The band got together in the studio to put together a new song. As usual with Steaming Mulch they came in with a baseline idea for the tune – and another strange song title. In this case it started out with three basic riffs. We put togetherContinue reading “New Music And Video From Steaming Mulch: ‘Some Gorgeous Who Way Produce’”

From The Vault 12 – Conduit Plays ‘Reptilian Mind’ Live

As a new year rolls in we’re going back in to the Vault to take a listen to another track from Velvet Wrinkle Wreckerds artist Conduit. ‘Reptilian Mind’ is another track originally recorded for the album ‘Superior Olive’. This version is from a live session the band did at the studio. We always liked toContinue reading “From The Vault 12 – Conduit Plays ‘Reptilian Mind’ Live”

From The Vault 11 – ERP Plays ‘Midnite Cruise’

It seems that when I dig around in our back files I’ll often come across a new song we never finished, old studio songs by other bands or a live version of a song that we’ve already released. In this the case the song I found was ‘Midnite Cruise’ which was released on Electrostatic RhythmContinue reading “From The Vault 11 – ERP Plays ‘Midnite Cruise’”