From The Vault 9 – Conduit Plays ‘Blinders’

We’ve got another track from our vault of music. This song, ‘Blinders’, was on the Conduit album ‘Superior Olive’. We recorded this live in the studio in our ‘big’ room with a few friends over. The vocals went to the PA system, but also had a direct line in to the recording room mixing boards. The vocals were the only thing run through the PA system. The guitar amp was miced to the studio as were the drums. We took a direct line from the bass amp to the studio system and the PA. The other thing necessary to get some separation in the mix was being very careful about the placement of the amps and the PA speakers, as well as keeping the volume lower to keep the ‘bleed through’ down to a minimum. The separation techniques worked well and we still had the energy of the live recording. In a situation like this you could do additional overdub tracks, but it’s difficult to do punch ins to existing tracks without hearing the difference in the mix down. It gives you some appreciation for the way tracks used to be recorded. If you had a full band (much less a full orchestra) in one room and were only using room mics, if one person made a mistake you had to do the track over. Precision by each player was a must.

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