From The Vault 12 – Conduit Plays ‘Reptilian Mind’ Live

As a new year rolls in we’re going back in to the Vault to take a listen to another track from Velvet Wrinkle Wreckerds artist Conduit. ‘Reptilian Mind’ is another track originally recorded for the album ‘Superior Olive’. This version is from a live session the band did at the studio. We always liked to do live recordings to test out how the song would sound without the ability to do the overdubs that are used in the studio recording. The live recordings include just the basics: vocals, one guitar, bass and drums. These recordings also allowed us to decide which amps, settings, FX pedals, etc are the best options when playing in a live environment. When we record in the studio we’ll often use amps on a much quieter setting because we’re concerned about a clean sound rather than projecting more volume to a live audience. On the other hand we may use amps with much smaller wattage and push them harder (maybe go to 11?) to get an overdriven sound. The studio takes give us a preview of any playing changes we need to make for the sound to be cohesive live.

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