In The Studio 16 – Multitasking

It’s been a while since we put up an ‘In The Studio’ video. One of the reasons we don’t have a lot of studio ‘tech’ videos is that I’m not really sure what people would like to hear about. There’s lots of sites that talk tech. I’d like to share practical information on how recording is done without becoming overly technical. So tech info for people who love music but don’t want to get in to the weeds of an overly technical discussion. That’s a hint to send me questions about topics you’re interested in from recording specific instruments to mixing and mastering. I learned how to record using the hands on method. Figure out one problem and one piece of tech at a time. That’s the reason most of the videos are completed start to finish without editing and with me manually moving the camera around. I want you to feel like you’ve walked in to the studio with me and sat down for a chat.

Today’s video discusses the fun of being able to multitask if you have your own recording setup. If the video sparks any questions you have, or you want to know about another topic, please send those questions in!

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