Live Music Report – Hoots & Hellmouth At The Sellersvillle Theater 04/12/23

On April 12 we got to see the band Hoots And Hellmouth at the Sellersville Theater in Sellersville PA. Our seats were literally a few feet from the stage, so we had a great view of the show. The band would be difficult to fit in to one category. My best guess would be calling them a combo of Americana, Rock and a bit of Folk music. I always appreciate a band that is difficult to label. The two front men, Sean Hoots and Rob Berliner both took turns on lead vocals for different songs. They’re energetic performers and moved a lot on stage adding to an already high energy show. Songs ranged from quieter ballads to high energy rock songs. For this show Bob Beach from the opening act David-Jacobs Strain and Bob Beach stayed on stage to play harmonica with the main act and added some great solos to the songs. In this smaller venue they had a lot of interaction with the crowd, which makes it feel like you’re part of the act and adds a more personal element to the entire show. I’ve added a video I found of them playing live on WXPN from July of 2021, plus another older video. For the show we saw the instrumental lineup was two guitars, bass, keyboards and drums and harmonica, which made for a bit bigger sound then you’ll see in the videos. Definitely a band you should see live to get the full impact of their music.

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