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Remastered Cover of Hungry, So Angry, by Medium Medium

Pulled one out of the vault – yes, we did. This song was recorded in early 2000 with the original studio lineup of a band that recorded here, Conduit.PA. It was not released on the album and Barett (our recent addition to the fray here at ChurchHouse) remastered it. Thought it was worth putting out for a listen.

For those of you who have never heard the original song, or the band, they are certainly a blast from the past – Medium Medium. Let us know what you think.

Promo Copies of Conduit sent out – FINALLY

After much-ado, different art work, and some interesting arts and crafts failures, the Conduit.PA CD Promo version has been sent out to be reviewed by various radio stations.  Envelope stuffing parties are now finally over until ERP gets the 4 song CD mastered and then that will be the next batch to leave.

In other news, ERP’s (Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs) drummer, Benjamin Herr just participated on September 24th at Guitar Center in the Drum Off competition against 30 other drummers!  Just wanted to give him some props and support and can’t wait to hear how it went!  We are probably a bit biased, but we think he is hands down, the bestest.

Anyway, back to spreadsheets and praying that the thunder will knock the power out and I will then be able to go home :).