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Opossum Holler – Pine and Stone

Apparently, good things come in three’s… after discovering that Opossum Holler has a twitter account, which I promptly followed (too bad I don’t live in Kentucky, I’d love to see them play), I also discovered that they released some new stuff back in December (2015). Apparently the rock I live under is a rather limited resource for new music. Oh, and something about their description of their genre on ReverbNation touches my heart, kindred spirits of doom to say the least.

Have to mention this – my favorite lyric from Screamin’ Delta Demon:
I ain’t got no future honey but my Cadillac is clean…

I bought Feelings for the Living today, but may go back for the whole album. I loved their release of Screamin’ Delta Demon and Hex. They are on Bandcamp (saved the best for last) – GO CHECK THEM OUT. In the words of Arnold, “GO NOW!”.

Oppossum Holler Bandcamp


Hex – Opposum Holler

Yep – new Opossum Holler. Oh and best part of the video? The demon drinkin’ moonshine, smoking a cigar, and driving like a lunatic. Best lyric? “He says my name is Beelzebub, and I ain’t seen you here before – you won’t be goin’ nowhere without me.”

Oh dear.