From The Vault 5 – ERP Covers The Gun Club’s ‘Ghost On The Highway’

If you’ve been following our blog for any length of time you’re probably aware of my love of The Gun Club. Their combination of punk, blues, rockabilly and old time traditional country music just hit a perfect spot for me. I don’t know that I really have one ‘favorite album of all time’, but The Gun Club’s first album, ‘Fire Of Love’ is among the handful I would pick. I loved the energy and attitude of early punk music and enjoyed the musical experimentation of what became known as ‘post punk’. But to this day I still roll back in to The Gun Club’s albums when I’m looking for inspiration. Their work moved my musical interest in to finding out more about bluegrass and bands that straddle several musical styles like Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band. I feel lucky to have seen the band live several times, especially since you could see them up close and personal in small clubs where you could be right up against the stage. The shows were always an intense free for all.

I found a live version we did of ‘Ghost On The Highway’ from their first album as I was searching through our old musical vaults. I’m pretty sure we put up a different version of the song on this blog many years ago. If you look back we also did a Messin’ With The Music version of their song ‘Death Party’. If I had the opportunity I’d probably like to cover the entire ‘Fire Of Love’ album. If you get a chance I’d highly recommend a voyage in to The Gun Club’s catalogue. For now I hope you enjoy our buzz bomb reverb drenched version of ‘Ghost On The Highway’.

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