Lather Scream Moment Cover ‘Pretty Vacant’ by The Sex Pistols

It’s always fun to buy a new guitar. The excitement of having a new instrument and the possibilities it gives you for creating new sounds. How are the sonics? How is the playability? The crew from Lather Scream Moment called and said they have a new guitar and wondered if they could check out the sound on our studio amps. We don’t have a huge collection, but we do have a good variety of old, new, solid state and tube to choose from. So they stopped by and plugged in. I, of course, decided we should see how it sounds for recording. If you’re going to test it out, let’s really test it. And if you’re going to test recording quality, you might as well do a song. So we decided on recording ‘Pretty Vacant’ by The Sex Pistols. We recorded everything in one evening and it was mixed and mastered the next day. The original song had a great thick guitar sound. That’s a result of them doing numerous guitar track overdubs. We followed the same pattern. It was a quick ‘let’s have fun and not over think it’ type of session. And if you’re going to record it, you might as well share it. Hope you have as much fun listening as we had recording.

Published by churchhousepro

Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer

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