Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs – ‘Mrs Jones’ – Live In The Studio

In this post we’re presenting another ‘Live In The Studio’ performance by Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs. The video is a live take of the song ‘Mrs Jones’ which was originally on the album ‘Superior Olive’ with our previous band Conduit. The vocal and electric guitar parts are performed live for the video. We decided to record new backing tracks to work with. Each of those tracks were recorded the same way we do tracks for the ‘Messin’ With The Music’ videos – recorded straight through in the studio using one mic in the room. Along with the tracks you see us playing in the video we added a bass guitar and two tracks of twelve string acoustic guitar. You can hear the acoustic guitars panned harder to the left and right channels. One guitar is playing chords and the other guitar is playing a single note riff. This allowed us to give the song a little different flavor than the original version. Instead of a drum kit we used a cajon for the rhythm. We have the fun of doing a song live without having a full live band.

Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs play ‘Mrs Jones’ live:

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