From The Vault 8 – ERP Plays ‘Round Trip’ Live

‘Round Trip’ is another entry in our ‘From The Vault’ series. ‘From The Vault’ is where we scour our old hard drives and CDs to find songs that we wrote and recorded preliminary versions of but for various reasons never made a full studio recording. ‘Round Trip’ was recorded live at ChurchHouse studios. This song was recorded a bit differently than some of our other live takes. The song was played straight through in a live fashion. For this song we were actually recording our parts in separate rooms with each of us hearing the mix in headphones. The vocals, guitar and drums were recorded live. The bass part was overdubbed later. This song, like many of our ‘From The Vault’ songs, didn’t receive any punch ins after the recording. We’ve done that a lot when we’re in the writing process. As with our other song ideas we’re trying to capture the essence of the song, let it age for a bit, then come back and decide if we want to do a full blown studio version of it. This is another song that has been around for a while. We’ll pull these songs out and listen to them once in a while to see if we want to revise parts and work on them. Song writing is an interesting process. I’ve found that you usually have more excitement and ideas for the newest piece you’re working on. Occasionally we’ll restart older projects, but the excitement tends to be higher on ideas that are brand new because you’re often working in a different style than older tunes. Doing our ‘From The Vault’ series gives some older ideas another look. This song may eventually be taken apart and totally reworked. Only time will tell.

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Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer

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