Messin’ At The Highest Level

We’ve returned from our latest adventure. After three weeks at some of the Southwest’s most amazing National Parks – where we had one day of rain and usually days of the most beautiful clear blue sky imaginable we have returned to eastern Pennsylvania. And……shocker……….it’s gray and overcast. Of course this is what makes you really appreciate the adventure time. On our trip I try to divorce myself from the phone news feeds and the usually awful info they contain. I was only somewhat successful. But I also look at music videos and try to find something fun and interesting. I came across this video from Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway. It’s their version of the Jefferson Airplane song ‘White Rabbit’. At the most basic level it’s the idea we try to work in our Messin’ With The Music series of covers. Take a song that began as a more electric or fuller band version and break it down to acoustic instruments. The original version of ‘White Rabbit’ was very much an electric band version in the popular ‘psychedelic’ rock style. This version puts in shades of bluegrass, among other styles, to send the song to a different place. It still retains the original spooky vibe with a walking through a graveyard twist associated with a lot of bluegrass hill music. What really puts this over the top? You’re watching players that are all amazing instrumentalists. Molly Tuttle is an award winning bluegrass guitarist, but the entire band matches her level of playing on their individual instruments. And you’re watching them nail it live, no studio punch-ins or overdubs. Amazing ability to retain the feel playing outdoors in the daytime. And they’re wearing flannel – makes sense when you’re playing in Portland Maine. Hearing this set off the gears in my head thinking of new ideas for songs and covers. Hope it has the same effect on you.

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