Something Old, Something New….

A lot of the music I like the best has one component in common – groove. It’s easy to hear in dance records from Industrial to Disco. But it’s also in places you wouldn’t expect – punk blues like The Gun Club or Americana like Reverend Peyton. The beat catches you and pulls you inContinue reading “Something Old, Something New….”

Less Is More

Another gem from Rev Peyton’s Big Damn Band. Real simple – vocal, guitar, drums, percussion. No over production. There’s a  studio lesson to be learned there – the song is good; record it; don’t  f***  it up.  God, I love some open space in a song so it can breathe. And it’s the friggin funniestContinue reading “Less Is More”

Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs – Celebrity Prostitution

Newly released this month, the four song EP from Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs (a.k.a. ERP). The music video recently released is a cover paying homage to a group that greatly influences their songs, Isolation, originally by Joy Division. Take a listen to four song EP, and if it tickles your fancy, you can buy it. Listen:Continue reading “Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs – Celebrity Prostitution”

ERP 4 Song EP Release due in July/August 2012

The release of the 4 song EP was originally scheduled for this last fall, but after having some outside reviews of the final mix, it was decided to go back to the drawing board and re-master them. We have started putting out feelers for either sending the mixes out, or having someone come in. EitherContinue reading “ERP 4 Song EP Release due in July/August 2012”