ERP 4 Song EP Release due in July/August 2012

The release of the 4 song EP was originally scheduled for this last fall, but after having some outside reviews of the final mix, it was decided to go back to the drawing board and re-master them. We have started putting out feelers for either sending the mixes out, or having someone come in. EitherContinue reading “ERP 4 Song EP Release due in July/August 2012”

Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs are doing a video!

Yes, as it turns out they are going to be doing a cover of The Gun Club’s song, Ghost On A Highway, which will be the first video for the band and the studio. So check us out on Youtube (  However, the video won’t be up until like the second week of April, butContinue reading “Electrostatic Rhythm Pigs are doing a video!”