New Music And Video from Steaming Mulch – ‘Winter Incubate Mr. Under Ache’

We had our friends Steaming Mulch back in the studio to record a new single. This is always fun as I never quite know what they’re going to do before they get here. Sometimes the songs are created on the fly. Sometimes there’s live drum track clips, sound bites from movies and general anarchy. Other times they come in with a relatively finished idea and expand on it which is how this song was put together. No matter what we’re working on, a good time is had by all. And as always I have no idea where the song title comes from. I’m betting on random word scramble, but for the band it’s a well kept secret. They also asked us to put a video together. Since you’ll never see the band in a video (as per their request they like to remain anonymous) we get to use clips from our travel adventures and other sources and adjust them as we wish. Hope you all enjoy the new track. You can find this as well as many of our other songs on the ChurchHouse Productions YouTube channel. You’ll find the link on the site’s home page.

Steaming Mulch plays ‘Winter Incubate Mr. Under Ache’:

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