New Music And Video From Steaming Mulch: ‘Some Gorgeous Who Way Produce’

We have some new music from Steaming Mulch. The band got together in the studio to put together a new song. As usual with Steaming Mulch they came in with a baseline idea for the tune – and another strange song title. In this case it started out with three basic riffs. We put together a spare electronic drum track (that’s usually my responsibility) and then they jammed on the three parts to come up with the main ideas for the song. Working with Steaming Mulch is ‘guerilla’ recording at it’s finest. Sometimes the coolest sounds are happy accidents that happen in the studio. Vocals were added last. The vocals are more about rhythm and sonics – you don’t always pick up lyrics. Vocals are in reality another instrument available to a song writer and can be used in many ways to enhance or change a song. The final step is editing then mixing. When the instruments are ‘jamming’, editing is vital to creating dynamics. The final step was putting together a video. The video is really meant to be ‘eye candy’ to meditate on while listening to the song. Hope everyone enjoys the new tune.

Published by churchhousepro

Musician, Sound Engineer, Producer

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